O Pangcah Kako

  • O Pangcah Kako
    Jonas Li
  •         In Amis, the language of the largest indigenous group of Taiwanese aborigines, “O Pangcah Kako” means ‘I am the Amis people.” O Pangcah Kako allowed the local kids to learn the origin and ancient routine of the tribe by attending the art courses in the Mipaliw land Art studio. As an assistant of the artist, I was asked to take the courses with the kids and create artworks with them. We created an installation work using black plastic sunshade, a commonobject found in the tribe, hemp rope, and needle. After listening to the fishing story told by the local elders, the kids and I embroidered the kind of fish that was often caught in the Pacific Ocean. Then, we hung the sunshade back to where it was normally placed, on the ceiling or by the roof. The sunshade contained memory, knowledge, and tradition of the tribe, influenced and reminded who they are.