• Dream journey

    I created this illustration series for one Instagram challenge. Each illustration tells a separate story united by one dream journey. Seven worlds – one planet. 
    Just close your eyes and follow me toward the wind. Happy travel!
  • I played with colors and textures, perspective and details. I wanted to get a motion sense by static character is in a changing environment. Like landscapes that change in the eyes of a traveler. I wanted to achieve similarities and diversity. This is my experience of the challenge. 

    If you are interested in reading about each illustration, you can do it in my Instagram. Here, in Behance, I left small clues at the illustration bottom so that you can understand my idea.

  • Garden of wonderful discoveries
  • Cuddle Island
  • Calmness bay
  • Valley of extraordinary flavor
  • Museum of incredibly precious things
  • Lighthouse of unread books
  • Kingdom of sleepy wind
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