Dramatics of 3D Printing World (2013)

  • My internship with the digital information department at the Art Institute of Chicago has given me the opportunity to dive into a world of additive manufacturing and photogrammetry. It gave me the time to learn and to perfect techniques of scanning a sculpture and manifesting its deformed copy. I have spent more than enough time examining sculptures in the Art Institute of Chicago to attempt to capture a shell of the original form. As a result of this time consuming endeavor I have collected plenty of these miniature variations. Such examination of these sculptures has inspired me to make my own sculptures from programs that I have worked with so often over the past 3 months. The Journey of these sculptures from my mind to the tangible world is similar to the capturing of sculptures past. Both are missing their idealized form. My sculptures exist in an idealized form in my mind, where the museums sculptures are also missing this form or idealization once scanned. The similarity between these two objects does not stop with their preferred state of being. The objects that are created, whether it may be from appropriation or pure creation, both share a medium and scale. Leaving my imagination to conjure up a world for them to exist in and interact. Through this photographic experiment I look to create compositions with these objects and other materials. In an end to create idealized landscapes that explore interdisciplinary approach to creating installations that only exist in a photographic form.