The Great Decay - SAIC Research Project

  • The Great Decay — SAIC Research Studio Project 2018
  • The purpose of this research project was to create a finished piece using many different sources of inspiration. I came up with three ideas and combined them for the final image above. The three sketches are below.
  • This pen drawing drew inspiration from artists Hyungkoo Lee ( and Jonathan Chapline (
  • I found Chapline's art at Expo Chicago 2018 and Lee's in a book about Korean contemporary artists. I liked Chapline's use of vibrant colours and Lee's exaggerated and distorted cartoon skeletons.
  • This pencil crayon drawing, titled Glitched, is inspired by Hyungkoo Lee and Amir H. Fallah (
  • I found Fallah's work during my visit to Expo Chicago as well. I liked the bold patterns and texture in his work, so I decided to combine elements of that with Lee's sci-fi-esque depictions of human anatomy in his Face Trace project.
  • This collage is inspired by Jonathan Chapline's colourful 3D paintings and Henri Matisse's cutouts
  • After receiving feedback, I'd decided to take certain qualities of each drawing and put them all together for the final piece. Among my sources of inspiration was also the Field Museum of Natural History, which I visited to take pictures of bones and skeletons. I distorted the photos on Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, printed them out, transferred them in pen on pieces of tracing paper, and arranged the composition by layering the tracing paper in different ways.