Human Elements

  • Human Elements

    There are 7.7 billion of us here, enough to add some new elements to signify the human period. These elements, our footprints, will remain long after we're gone. Im representing them as elements on a perodic table that each come together to form an equasion that if balanced by minimising our use of thes elements can lead to a symbotic relationship between humans and the enviorments we exist within. The element materials were created from photographs I took over man made environments. These illustrations characterize each of them in their own environment with a representation of me exploring these environments.
  • Runoff
     An element created from the existence of factoy based waste often poured into rivers and the role that factories/humans play in the glacieral runoff attributed to climate change. 
  • Pathways
    This element is madeup of the countless roads and walkways that we carve into and pave over our sorroundings. 
  • Industry
    The production of commerical goods and urban conviences has led to countless urban industrial enviorments that remold natural landscapes into otherworldly ones.
  • Steel
     America once made almost half of all the world's steel, currently only nine steel factories are still in operation. The rest lie dormant, often becoming toxic waste superfund sites as they beak down. 

  • Symbiosis
    Existing alongside/within our natural enviorment, instead of ontop of it. 
  • Process
  • Materilize/Photoshop
    I cropped and lightly edited each image in photoshop to bring into Materilize and create physical texture maps from them.
  • Fuse 3D Modeling

  • Cinema 4D

    Models that i created in Fuse I imported into Cinema 4D scenes I created around each element.