Two Banks, One River

  • Two Banks, One River
  • In my photographic work, I capture aspects of urban environments that we've grown accustomed to in our daily routines. Through the documentation of my explorations, I hope to draw attention to and appreciation of these less apparent elements. Lately, I've been interested in the urban industrial landscapes make up the fabric the midwest. 

    Like many cities in the midwest, Chicago was founded at the place where rivers split, this point of division still separates the city's north and south sides. This division is reflected in the environment and socioeconomic conditions of each side, conditions I began to notice through the juxtapositions within and between photographs id taken aroud my neighboorhood near the stockyards and those i took in other areas of the city. I expanded the series and began to take more while exploring the environments of my daily routine.
  • Worlds Apart : Over Chase Bank, Under the Old Meat Market 
  • Below the Line
  • Underpass Bridge
  • A New Nature
  • Adjacent
  • Shadow of Industry