Three Horses and Three Houses

  • It is the art of spontaneity, of authentic creativity, of artistic making without school or orientation, therefore it is instinctive, and where the artist expands his particular universe. Of course, as in a more intellectualized art, there are those really striking and others not so much.

    Naïve art (of the French, naive art) is the style to which belongs to the painting of artists without systematic academic formation. It is a type of expression that does not fit in the academic molds, nor in the modernist tendencies, nor in the concept of popular art.
    Thus, the naïve artist is markedly individualistic in its purest manifestations, even though, even in these cases, it is almost always possible to discover to them the source of inspiration in the popular iconography of the illustrations of the old books, the suburban sheets or the images of saints. It is not, therefore, a totally subjective creation, without any cultural reference.

    The naïve artist does not care to preserve the natural proportions nor the correct anatomical data of the figures he represents.