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    Original story: 
    When I was a ten-year-old boy, I went to RuShan, a very famous mountain of china. It was a rainy day, the fog enclosed mountain. There was a scenic spot where we could make handwriting on the ground. When I passed through this area, I saw a piece of fog. It was thick, vast expanse and whiteness. I was very curious about it because I didn’t know what’s behind it. I moved forward and wanted to go into that whiteness fog to see what's in there. I moved slowly and I had no fear. When I almost went through the fog and my mother called me back. She just wanted me continued climbing the RuShan with her. So I had to give up. But I was very reluctantly and always turned round look at the fog.
    When I was coming down the mountain, the rain had stopped. The weather became fine, and the fog dispersed. A few minutes later, I went back to that scenic spot again. It's a very famous scenic spot. In place of the fog, there was a stone which like a diving platform. However, there is the cliff below the stone. It means that only if I walked one more step, I would fell into the cliff.
    But I still had no fear about it. I just wanted to know what would happen if I went into the fog. It seems that somebody call me at that moment. It just likes a Chinese old story. If the Yamagami calls somebody, the person can go to another world. But only their relative can call him back.Probably, at that time I just a kid had so much imagination, so I was not afraid. And believed I can go to another world. But now I just feel happy that I still survive.
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    It was a rainy day, the sky was dark, I woke up very early. There was a mountain in front of my house, but that day the fog enclosed it, I could only see black and white I could see, it was very mysterious. I wanted to go into the mountains to play secretly.
    When I went up to the hillside, I saw patch of square-shaped fog. It was thick, vast and white. I was very curious about it because I did not know what was behind it. I moved forward and wanted to go through that fog to see what's on the other side. I moved slowly and had no fear. I could almost hear someone calling me, but did not clearly.
    As I went through the fog, it was suddenly dark around me and I could not move forward. There were many white symbols and they were moving. I realized I could touch them. At this moment, I heard a Mixture of the voices of two people and I listened carefully. A man seemed tell me to throw away those symbols and go forward and then I could enter another world; another voice seemed like the voice of my mother, and she was telling me how to move the symbols, I hesitated for a long time. In the end I still did according to my mother's voice. As soon as I did it, I saw a sentence around me that said “Take a step back” I took a step back, the darkness suddenly disappeared, and the fog cleared, I realized there I was only one step away from the edge of the cliff.