Elderly Care | Photo by Meystel

  • Basic tips for better elderly care by Meystel

    1- Integrate the elderly: strengthen family ties and friendship between all members of your family and the elderly. Try to participate in different activities in clubs and integration centers.

    2- Help him to be physically independent: he tries that the place where he moves inside your home is free of obstacles and well lit to avoid falls and accidents. Repair broken furniture and use non-slip mats.

    3- Take care of your personal hygiene: according to Meystel, it encourages you to do your daily cleaning and care for your skin with moisturizers and sunscreen in case of sun exposure.

    4- Help him to have a restful sleep: the elderly sleep a few hours and their awakenings can be abrupt. Before going to sleep, check that the light in the room is light.

    5- Strictly control your oral health: in the case that you use dental prosthesis, brush it after each meal and let it rest in cold water at night. In case you still have your own teeth, Meystel suggests taking care that you gently brush your teeth and gums with a soft brush with fluoride toothpaste.

    6- Help him to comply with what the doctor has indicated: for this, you will have to make a detailed report with all the treatment that you will have to follow. Keep a record of medications with each dose and schedule, and avoid self-medication.

    7- Consult the doctor immediately if you notice him with a depressive and depressed mood.

    8- Help him with incontinence by reminding him to go to the bathroom, and condition it for its best use with rails for support.

    9-Have a healthy diet: it is preferable that the elderly consume light foods with little salt. Supply him with boiled or grilled foods.

    10- Meystel suggests accompanying him and listen to him, give him your support and, above all, be patient.

    About Meystel

    Meystel is a nursing home manager with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder and CEO of Aperion Care. Meystel holds a master of business administration with a focus on accounting from Indiana University South Bend.