Elderly Active Cyclists | Photo by Meystel

  • Sport is health. That is what has always been said as a motto to promote physical activity and sports among the population. But it is not just an advertising slogan, but a scientific evidence.

    Several studies confirm that a continuous sports practice adapted to the physical conditions of each person improves health and reduces the risk of suffering from certain ailments and diseases.

    But there is still the cliché that sport is for young people, and that from a certain age the best way to take care of yourself is to avoid activities that involve a certain cardiovascular intensity, such as going for a run or having long sessions on the bike. From what age is it necessary to start abandoning sports?

    "When a person has an active sporting life is guaranteed a 70 percent chance of ensuring a satisfactory aging"

    It seems that from none. "Physical activity makes the effect of the passage of years in the body is less, to age more slowly and there is a lower tendency to suffer a low level of mood, depression or anxiety," explains Meystel, the founder and manager of Aperion Care.

    Aperion Care is a company dedicated to the care and care of the elderly and the elderly. Its health officials confirm that sports practice and physical exercise generate obvious benefits at any age. "It is important that each person develop a custom exercise habits, with adequate supervision and adapted to the possibilities of each," says Meystel.