Vulnerable: The Sea Turtles

  • Vulnerable: The Sea Turtles

    In order to raise awareness on the vulnerability of our sea turtles, I have illustrated three different species of turtles that come to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago to nest. Whilst the Leatherback turtle is the most well known to our shores, I chose to illustrate three unique species that also make the long journey.

  • The Green Sea Turtle
  • The Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  • A Baby loggerhead turtle
  • These illustrations were then digitally printed on a heavy card stock, to be sold as greeting cards, with the front text printed in thermographic ink, allowing for a raised texture.
  • Example of the back of the Green Sea Turtle Greeting Card
  • These cards were created to compliment another project which is currently being hosted by Ulule. Take a look!