2003 Blackout: infographic poster

  • 2003 Blackout
    data visualization
  • On August 14th 2003, the North East American region experienced the largest power outage in history. There were many factors that played into a cascade event which could have been prevented if all parties obtained a reliable communication system. This event affected millions of American and Canadian homes and the country’s safety and economy in just a couple of hours.

    We were tasked to design an infographic poster detailing the event timeline and key parties involved on August 14th. After digesting the 238 page official U.S.–Canada Power System Outage Task Force report, we developed a strategy and wrote the copy for our final design to inform viewers about this complex event.

    Since many computer, transmission line, and power plant failures happen simultaneously, the overall strategy was to create a dialogue between these failures and narrate connections between them. Morgan Itterly strategized and designed the timeline copy and maps and Ky Hong Le, executed the copy and illustrations for the energy sectors, terminology, normal conditions, and challenges to the electrical.

    The final design is intended to educate viewers on the missing links and intricate workings of the US and Canadian electrical power grid system. Our color palette was selected to reference night vision.

    Typeset in Scene.
  • Final layout, 20x32"
  • Research and process