• World population is increasing. 
    Demand for shoes is increasing. 
    Paper consumption is increasing.
    Waste disposal is increasing.
    Pollution is increasing.

    How should we decrease our use of cardboard in shoe packaging? 
    This is where BOX + BAG kicks in. 

  • BOX + BAG is an environmentally-friendly shoebox packaging design.

    It aims to combat global paper (cardboard) consumption.
    It integrates two products, a box and a bag, into one packaging design.
    Its shoelaces are reused as the handles of the packaging.

    BOX + BAG has no front side nor back side.
    This helps reduce packaging by 50%.

    Let's be smarter with packaging.

  • Special acknowledgements

    SUNG YUN BAE, designer
    Sung Hoon Lee, critic 
    Min Jeong Cho, model
  • Seoul National University College of Fine Arts
    Department of Design & Craft
    Industrial Design
    Spring 2016