Jeung moon studio

  • - The greatest gift I ever had came from God I call him dad -
  • oil-painting on canvas by MoonsuJeung
  • Moon Soo Jeung is an self-taught, multi-media artist who has been painting for over years. 
    With the passion to convey happiness and love to the world.
    Also he is my mentor and my loving father. 
    Unfortunately, he is currently struggling with an preexisting illness.
    but nothing can stop him from his passionate affection to his painting.

    Please take your time to explore his amazing art work!

  • The purpose to this project,
    I wanted to create an online exhibition for my father's art work along with my graphic design work
  • Jeung Moon studio logo design
  • I was inspired by Moon's unique style and use of color  he uses to convey to his viewers.
    By using different style pen tools such as water color, acrylic effects on adobe sketch,
    I created this texture and inspiring color. 
    To contextualize its deep meaning in the design, 
    I decided to us an handwritten typography instead.
  • brainstorming and sketches
  • business card 
  • shopping bag
  • Thank you!