Lost in Translation (Beta)

  • Lost in Translation
  • Through my work I highlight the aspects of the environments we inhabit that are frequently overlooked in the daily routine of modern life. I seek to make visually appealing translations between the organic human element and the temporality of our creations. These perspectives are conveyed in an effort to inspire an appreciation for and interest in the subtle details that make up the things we've grown accustomed to. I do this using the organic, juxtaposed with the artificial ,use of reductive/corrosive processes, and multi-medium practices.
  • 360 VR Video and Sound Peice
  • Materials/Process
  • This project consists of a sculptural element, in the handmade radio transmitter I created partially in Illustrator, a sound element in the audio piece that created in Premier Pro to be transmitted. For the sound peice I used leftover blueprints from the factory to research specific industrual equitment that existed in the space and the sounds they may have made. The site specific performative piece in the act of me exploring to the abandoned factory to listen for lost transmissions, and an interactive/video element provided by the 360 VR camera which allows the viewer to to experience the piece from a first person perspective. The radio transmatters were left onsite for others exploring the area to discover. 

    ***In post 3D replications of equitment found in the factory will be created from blueprints found on-site and edited into the 360 VR footage as interactive elements.***

  • Palimpsests are both geological and social occurrences where something that once was is repurposed but leaves behind elements of its past iterations. Chicago was once a center of manufacturing for the country, it is now the rust belt as society progressed that era. In my exploration of these places where progress has been paused I can re-create these spaces and experience them as they were.
  • Materials Required****
    Drone ($49-day), Go Pro 360 Camera rig ($198/day), and Access to a CNC Mill and cutter ($250-project finished by company, $100-rental of equipment), Short wave radio antennas ($40-week)

    Professional Resources Required:
    Advice/help from a professional in the field ($20/hr),DIY Brodcast Seminar ($50-tickets, $240-travel) Photogrammetry Classes 

    Online Ad Campaign with Google ad sense like targeting ($20/day), an on-site 3D Scanner,Hiring of a filmaker to record a short document of performance and process. ($20/hr) Purchase of a domain name and website landing page for final presentation. ($40/month) Purchase of business cards ($30) 
    Occulus rift VR goggles ($40/day) for on site presentation.

    Approx total: $700
  • Specifics
    I will need an enclosed square room with mutiple projectors orientated to create a seamless 360 degree lightbox, the footage will be wrapped around the enclosed room with a simple tablet based interface giving some control over orintation to the viewers. 
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