Chicago Botanic Garden Identity System


    Concept. An identity system that reflects the Chicago Botanic Garden's mission and current goals to its visitors and contributing members. Inspired by themes of growth from the plants and the Garden’s "Keep Growing" 10-year plan. The logo imitates the growth of plants. For the posters, business cards, and other stationery the text acts as a vine weaving through the image. 
  • Research
    Chicago Botanic Garden launched a 10-year plan appropriately titled "Keep Growing". The plan details the Garden's commitment to grow and mature as a leader in botanic research, education, and collection. 
  • Logo
    The logotype stems from one single point and branches out. The letterforms create a custom plant structure reading CBG.
  • Logo Animation
    The logo animation reinforces the themes of growth. Here the logotype acts as a plant growing outwards from the perspective above soil level.
  • Color
    Green is the color of earth and nature, it is also a color associated with advancement and growth.
  • Typefaces
    Bodoni was chosen as the primary typeface. Its variation in stroke weight resembles a thin-to-thick pattern that is seen in plants and trees. Frutiger compliments the elegance of Bodoni with its clean lines and soft curves. It serves a dual purpose for being an easily legible typeface at a small point size.