If I Ride VR

  • VR Workshops


  • Watch your imaginary world come to life before your eyes! Ride a bike through a VR environment you make yourself with clay figures and drawn backgrounds! Combine the joy and tactility of hands-on creation with the digital wonder of Virtual Reality and enjoy as this experience guides participants through a fun-filled craft session.
  • We believe technology can be designed in a healthy and fun way. As digital products became a babysitter and a best friend for children, we re-design digital experiences that truly benefit children's cognitive development. We want to be a part of creating a mixed reality future in which children are physically active, communicating with others, sharing intimate emotions, and learning through hand-on experiences.

    How it works
    1. Participants learn educational content through augmented reality cards
    content through augmented reality cards

    2. Participants draw the background and build clay figures based on what they learned

    3. Participants decorate VR goggles to prepare their trip to the environment that they built together

    4. Get on a stationary bike and ride through the world!

    5. Save AR Stickers as a souvenir. This helps participants review what they learned from the workshop.