Collection of soundtracks of the group КИНО

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    OBJECTIVE: to create a book in the pop-up technique,
    With opening of turns on 90
    With slotted structural elements
    Structural elements correspond
    The emotional mood of each work
    1 Стук - the construction resembles a blow to
    Mental state of the author, and his experience.
    2 Группа крови - personifies the famous
    A song reminiscent of the passing of time.
    3 Перемен - the structure resembles
    Sharp increase in compositions.
    4 Кукушка - especially conveys
    Wave-like states of the author.
    These tracks are considered by many to be
    Million audiences are the most
    Recognizable group soundtracks.
    The size of the book in the closed form 230 * 297 * 30;
    Ex. Materials: substrate for slotted structures - designer. Paper Fabriano Colore 240 g / m2 (black),
    Turns - matte paper 220 g / m2 (black / white),
    For the cover is used 2mm
    With built-in spring mechanism.