24 Photographs August 2016 Chicago ©Jeffrey Wertheimer

  •        These 24 Photographs were shot in August of 2016. These 24 are edited from that    months production for this behance project. For close to 5 years my daily routine was to wake up, get myself fed, cleaned up and go out and Photograph. I started out doing this nearly every day, then every day, sometimes back out again one or more times. I did this regardless of Weather or Temperature and on my own, no assignment, no instructions or layout to follow... This was my thing. I shot what I saw. August 2016 was the last month of the every day shooting editing and printing. Life sometimes hits you with a bolt a jolt a Loss. Still in to my thing. Got a new Camera, smaller and lighter. I have been staying close to my Home here in the City, The City I grew up in, The City I Love... Chicago.