TypeCon 2016 Resound

    Redesign concept of TYPE CON 2016 RESOUND.

    Advanced Typography,
    4/2017, The School of Art Institute of Chicago

    Re Sound or Resound 
    In teaching typography and design, some lessons need to be reinforced and some are resounding. What sort of lesson benefits from reiteration, and what methods are employed for sustained learning? What sort of lesson need only be given once, and what makes it resonate? 
    In addition (and new this year), recent and current graduate students were invited to submit a proposal on their thesis. We were interested in the process undertaken to acquire a thesis topic as well as the method of development of the thesis. 

    My Concept
    Based on the idea of repetition and emphasizing, I manipulated the letterforms of “ReSound” using various patterns, layers and colors. The design aims to present typography in a fun and novel way.
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