Observations of Nanting Vol. 1

  • Observations of Nanting Vol. 1

    During our time in Nanting Village in China, my partner and I became immediately fascinated by the objects that inhabited the village — things that seemed absurd to us outsiders (piles of confetti, neon toilet bowl cleaners, discarded paintings) were just a part of the natural landscape to the locals. 

  • After many days of wandering around and absorbing the town, we decided to do an experimental video with some major constraints. First, we could only use objects found in Nanting. Second, we had to collect everything and shoot the entire film in one day. By simply rearranging the space and materials we were provided with, we wanted to see if we could express our own perspective of the space to others.
  • To our surprise and excitement, everyone was very interested and accepting of our project with many shop keepers and locals allowing us to use their property and objects for the film. This simple experiment opened our eyes to a whole new expression of Nanting without actually altering anything.
  • A collaboration with Jeremy Freedberg