Pilot Systems Branding

  • Pilot Systems Rebrand

    Pilot Systems approached me to rebrand their engineering company. We created a new identity for them as well as a website and short film.
  • Pilot Systems is a small firm with a unique business model in that they pull collaborators from a vast personal network of professionals to fit within each projects needs. The core team is quite small and has a very 'mom and pop' feel which is a great asset as each client then has the opportunity to intimately work from start to finish with experts first-hand, cutting out the middleman. 
  • When rebranding the company, we wanted to shed light on the passion and dedication of the employees while also helping prospective customers get insight into who they are as individuals. For this, I brought on Jeremy Freedberg to create a short film for the website. We went to the Pilot headquarters in Detroit, Michigan and interviewed the employees about their interests in engineering as well as their goals at Pilot. We also wanted to tell the story of Pilots involvment in the automotive industry for over forty years.
  • When redesigning the logo, we wanted to stick with some of the original elements that have become so iconic for the company. While keeping the Pilot 'swoosh' which represents an effective and streamlined process, we wanted to use a more friendly rounded typeface paying tribute to their inviting team and exceptional customer service. (Logo in collaboration with Sue Smith.)