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  • Amelia is a Colombian brand that designs and produces home decoration objects, seeking to generate a cozy aesthetic through exclusive textile pieces.
    The brand offers decorative objects for the home (rugs, curtains and cushions) with a high content of textile design, product of a meticulous process of intervention and material experimentation carried out manually by the designers of the brand.
    The brand is inspired by the traditional  neighborhood Teusaquillo (Bogotá), seeking to rescue narratives that revolve around the traditional lifestyle of the capital, through contemporary designs that highlight the value of handmade objects.
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    Amelia es una marca colombiana que diseña y produce objetos para el hogar, buscando generar una estética acogedora a través de piezas textiles exclusivas.
    La marca ofrece objetos decorativos para el hogar ( tapetes, cortinas y cojines) que contienen un alto contenido de diseño textil, producto de un minucioso proceso de intervención y experimentación material realizado de forma manual por las diseñadoras de la marca.
    La marca está inspirada en el tradicional barrio bogotano Teusaquillo, buscando rescatar narrativas que giran en torno al estilo de vida tradicional capitalino, por medio de diseños contemporáneos que resaltan el valor de lo hecho a mano.

  • By: 
    Daniela Triana, Daniela Lopez, Camila Acosta, Andrea Maldonado ​​​​​​​
  • My childhood, my memories ...My past. A house ... And a thousand stories to tell.
    The choice of the neighborhood "Teusaquillo" as the starting point for the conceptual and aesthetic process of the project was born from my own quest to rescue the memory of my first years of life in my great grandmother's house, located in a wonderful corner of Teusaquillo. I remember the weekends and the eternal playful afternoons in a house whose rooms seemed to multiply, where each object seemed to be an accomplice to the mischief of a group of children whose imagination had no limits. Year after year, that old house was filled with life, growing within me the deepest attachment to a neighborhood disconnected from the chaos of the city, which seemed to be inhabited by picturesque characters from a fantastic story: my favorite story.

    Amelia is a brand that designs and produces objects for the home, seeking to generate a welcoming aesthetic through exclusive pieces.
    The brand offers objects of common use within the home (rugs, curtains and cushions) that contain a high content of textile design, product of a meticulous process of intervention and material experimentation carried out manually by the designers of the brand.
    The main inspiration of the brand comes from the relationship between the house, the objects and the Teusaquillo neighborhood, which today represents a mixture between the capital's tradition and the multiculturalism and diversity that characterizes Bogotá today. This silent neighborhood full of secrets professes mystery through their houses with their own personality, because each of them reflects a process of transformation with the passage of time.
  • The Drift
  • "The drift, an art that only vagabonds, ghosts, and a few rebels practice.This call to row against the stream emerges, to value the implicit pleasure in the exercise of 'counterculturality' and the opportunity to reaffirm ourselves as potential friends of the original chaos" - Javier Barros 
  • Conceptual process
  • Defining "Amelia" - the character that inspires the brand

    The creation of a character and a lifestyle linked to the context of the Teusaquillo neighborhood, was the tool used to create a narrative that would allow the elaboration of a business output.
    Starting from the detailed description of the character's lifestyle, aesthetic and conceptual universes were created allowing to generate exit points to develop the components of the business model.

    "Amelia was born in 1956 in Bogotá and since then she lives in Teusaquillo, in the same
    house in which her family lived for a long time.
    She always had just a few friends, she was lonely but very cheerful. Amelia found her happiness in what her every day experiences could offer.
    Amelia's world revolved around her house, that place where every day she discovered forgotten corners, objects that seemed to be lost in the vastness of the rooms.
    Amelia decided to stay there, in that house that for her represented her world, her happiness; she was alone but happy, enjoying her own company.
    She finds the middle ground between reality and imagination through writing, and faithfully believes that "words prolong life".
  • No doubt. This is my home
    here I happen,
    I'm deceived here immensely.
    This is my home stopped in time.
    Autumn arrives and defends me,
    the spring  condemns me.
    I have millions of guests
    who laugh and eat,
    copulate and sleep,
    they play and think.
    millions of guests
    they get bored, they have nightmares
    and nervous attacks.
    - Mario Benedetti

  • Lugubrious harmony   /   Unnoticed Wanderings
  • Ambivalent universe   /   Reinvented Traces 
  • The house as the metaphor of her life   /   The objects: material witnesses of the past 
  • The routine: a new caprice, a new day   -    Final Moodboard 
  • Materials 
  • Developing the Textiles 

    The brand is characterized by its high content of textile design, which takes elements of the past without leaving aside the needs and tastes of the present, playing with the heritage and tradition through the implementation of different materials, colors and textures .
    Each product is characterized by its high quality standards, so the selection and proper handling of materials is essential. The pieces have the same base materials, intervened and combined in different ways to create unique aesthetics related to the proposal of each line.
    Likewise, to adjust the materials to each color palette, chemical and natural dyeing processes were used.

    Now, tonight, I understand where my stitches, my basting, my quilts, my seams ... my habits ... that's where my childhood was shelved.
    Childhood, the ancient shadow that binds us to the coasts of divine antiquity.
    This Singer ropes my madness! What a shock, what a pleasure to sit down and hit the pedal!
    Everything, a very early art, very special.

    - Pablo Mora 
  •  Samples of basic materials   /   Dyed materials 
  • Final Pieces 
  • The collection
  • The home is a continuous state of mind or a feeling that allows us to experience feelings not necessarily manifested in the outside world: Awe, vision, peace, freedom from worries, demands, constant chatter.  
    - Clarissa Pinkola 

    The Collection 
    Amelia offers three types of products designed to decorate interior spaces: cushions, rugs and curtains. The pieces are characterized by compositions and textile interventions made with the base materials used by the brand.
    The collection has three product lines, each consisting of three cushions of different sizes, two rugs of different sizes as well, and a curtain.
    The three lines handle a defined color palette, and their materials are linked to the conceptual process of the character that inspires the brand.
  • Launching the brand
  • And in the end we are the result of what we have done, of what we have experienced or what has happened to us. 
    However, we behave as if we could all contemplate the same things, with the same eyes, with the same senses, with the same emotions. 
    We are now what we wanted to be, no matter how much we deny it. 
    - Anonymous
  • Photoshoot - Additional pictures