Card Game: Winter Survival

  • Card Game | Winter Survival

    Winter Survival is inspired by the freezing cold winter in Chicago and the issue of homeless people. The game reflects on the cruelty of weather and humanity.

    The game is played with three to four people. Everyone is homeless. In order to survive the horrible winter, players need to accumulate more points and stay longer than the opponents. Players will lose the game if their points drop to zero. The one who stays the longest in the game wins. There is only one survivor in the game.
  • Play
    1. Cards are shuffled and placed into a pile (called the stock). Players take turn to take one card each until all the cards are taken. 
    2. The game starts with players taking turn to discard one card to play field every round. Everyone must discard one card every round unless with Shelter Card.
    3. The player whose points drop to zero lose the game. The last one to leave isthe survivor.

  • Item Cards:
    Hot beverage; Hamburger; Hot hand warmer; Gloves; Beanie; Scarf; Sweater;Blanket; Cuddling; Down jacket; Winter Boots; Heater

  • Weather Card: Snow; Blizzard
    Player can share weather card to the opponent to decrease the hurt. Only Valid when “Winter is here” is shouted out first. When Snow is shared,
    5 points will be deducted from the player who owns the Snow while 3 points will be deducted from the others.

  • Verb Card: 
    One verb card can exchange one item card from playfield. However, when player use one verb card, another item card from his or her deck should be discarded to the playfield at the same time.

    Steal it:
    The player who owns this card can choose anyone to steal, which means taking one card randomlyfrom another player to the player’s own deck. The card is valid for once. Only Valid when “Winter is here” is shouted out first.

    The player who owns this card has the right to skip one round. The card is valid for once