• The flower, Marigold, symbolizes purity and a protector in the Indian Culture. The artist develops this piece as a second for her startup ‘Tariki.’ She uses Marigold as a symbol of a Free Woman. The simplicity of the motif she creates alludes to the delicate nature that women are associated with, while the child like drawing hints at their innocence. The white on black color palette mirrors how women are perceived with judgement, and the contrast of the two colors showcases the two faced reality that we as women live in. 
    Through each of the objects created, the artist intends to tell a story about reality, for people around her to know that they are not alone. She creates daily use objects with functionality to reach those who might not perceive artwork in a country where Art has now started gaining awareness.
  • Block Print on Silk
    Photographs in the Images are the courtesy of Rick Aguilar Studios, USA.