Logo design for Chineseetymology.org (Logo)

  • New logo concept for an existing website and app (IOS and android) called "Chinese Etymology", where you could find the etymology for a certain Chinese character.
  • Logo concept: 
    My idea was inspired by the basic Chinese character strokes, which are the most fundamental components that form a Chinese character. For example, the character "人", which means "people" in English, is formed by strokes "pie" and "na". And the strokes themselves, are like the sources of all the Chinese characters. And the thousands of modern Chinese characters, no matter how complicated they look like, derive from these simple yet meaningful basic strokes. And my logo is also formed by some of these strokes below, it echoes its name "Etymology", and bridges it to Chinese strokes' original function: that's where all the Chinese characters we see nowadays are from.
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