Luxury Cutlery : Half Disposed-Half Repurposed

  • This project was inspired by my parents lavish parties and their laziness to clean cutlery afterwards. I wanted to create disposable cutlery that looked organic, rich and had a purpose to it.
  • Prototype 1: Maple wooden spoon with a slit to easily snap off spoon in 2 halves, this particular spoon contains Thyme seeds. (each piece of cutlery has a different seed in it)
  • Detail 1: Slit to easily snap spoon in two halves after eating, so the dirty top-half can be disposed and clean bottom-half can be inserted in soil pot for plant to grow
  • Detail 2: A small hole is carved in the spoon to insert seeds and covered with a homemade glue that breaks down when watered
  • After all guests have used their cutlery, they would break them in two halves. The dirty top half would simply be trashed. Whereas the clean bottom half, which contains plant seeds in them, would be taken home by the guests as a gift from the host.
  • Prototype 2: Plywood Knife, Spoon and Fork / divets on side for easy holding and snapping  / pockets at end to put seeds in