Brewful Life Craft Beer (Logo/Branding)

  • Introduction:

    Brand identity design for craft beer company named "Brewful Life", with a slogan "Brew Your Mind !". Brewful Life has more than 50 types of beer which are originally from different countries including France, Belgium, Holland, the U.S., ect. Brewful Life beer are sold not only around in China, but also to other Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Thailand.
  • Logo Concept:

    I was asked to embed an "emotion" which will "turn on" the viewers in the logo. The smily, happy hop in this case, delivers a positive and cheerful emotion to people who are looking at it. And yes, we do not want any imagery below to show up in the logo: 
    1. a glass of beer 
    2. a can of beer 
    3. a beer barrel
  • Food pairing card
  • Part of the food pairing icon design
  • Glass types
  • Glass type icon design
  • Brewful Life Team
  • Visit to the States
  • Visit to the States