Au Singuliar (Logo/Branding)

  • Logo design for Au Singulier - a French company in natural beauty and skin care. 
    Au Singulier sells local natural beauty and skin care products. 
    Most of their products are made of local natural materials from North Africa, especially in Morocco. 


    1. According to my client: "We want to sell an experience, a moment inside a product." They are not only selling products, but also conveying and delivering some sort of knowledge, lifestyle and idea. "We introduce more different ancients and naturals beauty and skin care products from around the world." I was asked to embed such kind of info into the logo:"We are not only product seller, but also information and knowledge spreader". (keywords: information, knowledge, delivery, spread)

    2. There should be something showing that my client's targeting group is female.

    3. If the logo mark is created based on the letter "A" or "a", that will be great.

    1. I used letter "a" as the basic shape.

    2. I retouched the negative space of the letter and created a woman's side face.

    3. The most challenging one is how to involve the idea of "info / knowledge delivery" into the mark. After rounds of meetings and discussions, my client and I agreed to a relatively balanced solution: a quotation mark at the lower left corner, while still keeping the shape of letter "a".