3D Animation—"x/y"

  • "x/y"
    3D Animation Installation, 7mins, 2015
    The name of the 3D animation installation 'x/y' explores two essential fundamental ideas that form our world: Time and Space, and creature. Time and Space as a concept is defined by the sequence of event development. The creature, and more specifically the origin of all existing creatures in the world is explored through the concept of cells as the fundamental organic building block. Both of these concepts are intuitively virtual; In other words, they can't physically be touched. However, all of us have always known and have always been aware of the concept of Time and Space surrounding us, while the question "What are we composed of?" has been already answered—We are composed by cells. However, these two ideas are intangible and can't objectively be touched. We haven't got a chance to touch them objectively. Based on this mysterious physicality, 'x/y' proposes an immersive virtual environment that indicates a potential juxtaposed possibility for the intersection of virtuality versus reality; material versus non-material, touchability versus non-touchability