Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

  • During my studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied both Ceramics and Designed Objects (industrial design), I practiced figurative sculpture as an uninhibited outlet, conveying narratives centered around themes such as the macabre, the female body, religion, myth and fantasy.  
    Using the advanced handbuilding and slipcasting techniques that I learned, my pieces were treated as vignettes that focused on character-building and emotional interactions through the body, and used architecture and theatrical Baroque detailing to suggest dramatic moments in time. In the glazing stage, I played up the dynamism of the stories I related by experimenting with vivid colors and intense contrasting shadows. 

    This mode of working was in stark contrast to the objects created for my design projects; functional forms adhering to the modernist/minimalist principles of Dieter Rams, and were based on the needs of the user. However, my experience in Design has inspired the evolution of my ceramic work, using material studies such as wood and metals to create mixed media, and employing rapid prototyping technology, such as CNC milling and 3D printing, to advance new and interesting forms.