Food For Thought: Concept Evaluation

  • Food For Thought
    As part of the final deliverable for Homelife and Ab-Inbev the concepts generated during the ideation workshop were clustered into categories and further brainstorming took place to build on the ideas resonating the most. Many of the concepts came together to form a system, building off of each other to compliment ideas into strong actionable strategies to help Ab-Inbev create experiences that leading edge consumers would enjoy.

    Recognizing the value web that foodies have with food manufactures and the lack of direct touch points beyond advertising Ab-Inbev has with consumers 3 themes were created to help Ab-Inbev support experiences that went beyond a product. Within the 3 themes are a collection of concepts that stand alone, using a scoring matrix (non-weighted) to determine the user value (from the perspective of the participants) and business value to help Ab-Inbev choose which concepts to carry further.
  •  Discovery framework to encourage Ab-Inbev to make products that support a growing passion.
  • Sharing framework that illustrates that great experiences are repeated multiple times and help grow a user's passion.
  •  Insights used to help ideate.
  •  This value web goes on to show how Craft beer fits into the discovery sharing framework of foodies as being unique experiences that one wants to re-experience and tell others about/encourage others to try for themsevles.
  • Three themes for Ab-Inbev to take when planning out products/services strategies.