Co-op Department Rebranding '16

  • Concept
    As students develop their professional image and ready themselves for the world outside of school, they are in need of advice and direction. On this journey, each student will formulate and choose their own individual process, moving step-by-step toward their goal. Like paper folding, this process can be meditative, confusing and unclear, but with the aid of the Career and Professional Development Center, each student can create their own image, ready and willing to soar into the world.
    Collateral Work — Mulan Leong-Suzuki | Nicole (YouHe) Wang | Ying-Ting Lin
  • Color and Identity — Nicole Wang
  • Elevator Stickers — Nicole Wang 
  • Toolkit Booklet — Mulan Leong-Suzuki
  • Powerpoint — Ying-Ting Lin
  • Posters — Ying-Ting Lin