Prolonged Persistance

  • This work explores the relationship between concrete corners and edges and the transient bodies that interact with them.
    The fluid bodies that these structures are built for, overlap and alter them so beautifully.
    This particular observation kindled my desire to study the relationship between architecture and nature, and recognize such moments. 
  • This painting explores the materiality of architectural structures; concrete walls in particular.
    The ground of the painting is made with hardened layers of gesso and tissue paper to mimic the cracks and textures of a blank wall, which we most often do not perceive from a distance. The silk screen print serves to bring out these subtle textual nuances and empower the core of the structure, giving it a monolithic importance. 
  • This monoprint contrasts the rigid and stark arcs and lines representative of architectural spaces with the free flowing forms of nature that are fluid. The lines are scaled and intentionally drawn with a controlled hand, whereas the fluid forms are monotype prints transferred from a glass sheet. The unpredictability of the monotyping materials can be equated with the uncontrollable phenomenological systems that interact with the man-made environments and alter them.