Luncheon Fancies

  • The Stacked Americano Melt. The master of all clubs, a triple decker sandwich boasting two cheeseburgers astride a heaving helping of chilli-cheese fries.
  • Breakfast Push Pop. On the go? Slide this full breakfast out of it's ergonomic tube and into your discerning mouth; complete with eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and biscuit.
  • The Wet Chinarito. The taste of the orient en(wrap)tured in a chinese pancake and smothered in plum sauce. Beef chop suey swimming between a bed of rice and a blanket of noodles.
  • The Grande Chilli Cheese Gordolupe Deluxe was the first drawing in the series.  A derivative of Taco Bell ®, lathered in a hearty hot chilli.
  • Power Pølse. Inspired by the condiment selections of a Norwegian hotdog. Bacon wrapped sausage smeared over in potet salat and smattered with relish
  • The Double Roni-Loaf Melt. A sandwich comprised of pepperoni meatloaf slathered in cheese, scattered with black olives, on an herb and cheese bun
    The Strip Steak Zone. An entire new york strip steak encased in a hot dough housing of melty cheddar cheese and tomato sauce.

  •   'Za Balls. A dough sphere with a molten mozzarella mantle and a core of spicy italian sausage and piping hot pizza sauce. Garlic butter for dippin'.
  • Featured in 'A New Type of Imprint' Vol. 6