Bridge Art Center (Branding / VI Design)

  • Bridge Art Center is an art gallery located in the Bridgeport area, Chicago. It works closely with The Research House for Asian Art (RHAA) in Chicago, focusing on the creation, presentation, and development of asian contemporary art.
    The Bridge Art Center keeps on promoting awareness of asian culture and foster ongoing exchanges of culture and art between East and West. And that is also where the gallery name "bridge" came from, which means "connecting" and "exchanging" as a verb.
  • My responsibility was creating a visual identity system for the gallery. 
    And logo design was where I started. According to the mission statement of my client, we came to an agreement that the logo should contain some Asian or Eastern elements while keeping a potential link to the West. After rounds of discussion, we ended up with utilizing the shape of traditional Chinese character "橋", which means "Bridge" in English. 
    I redesigned the lower right part of the character to a symbol as an arch bridge, and keep the rest of the mark recognizable as the original character where it was transformed from.
  • The idea of "橋"  ↑
  • Primary Logo ↑
  • Secondary Logos ↑
  • Stationery Design ↓
  • IOS app icon design ↓
  • For the signage design part, I kept our arch bridge symbol as its key visual element, which helped make the whole signage system consistent and visually appealing. ↓