• This poster has been awarded ADC Silver Cube from Art Directors Club 91st Annual Awards, winner from :Output Award 2012, Semifinalist from Adobe Design Achievement Awards.
  • The purpose of this project is to convey one ordinary narrative with a unique form and image by changing the language and structure of it according to one certain knowledge domain.

    I decided to combine a narrative about sexual harassment which was experienced by a female friend and cybernetics. Since a decision tree is the most basic structure for Artificial intelligence (A.I.) programing, at first, I made a independent decision tree for each characters (my friend, 2 perverts and police) in the narrative. From there, it was good to show how each of the characters interacted with one another. Then I applied the structure of a maze as a entire form which is commonly used to test A.I. Viewers can participate as A.I. and experience her nightmare by solving the maze in this work. The title of this work, 'EXODUS' refers to the main character's last decision to avoid more sexual harassment and the escape which is the purpose of the maze as a game at the same time.

    Stephen Farrell, Renate Gokl