AlmaBridge Consulting: Brand Brochure

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    智森 | AlmaBridge Consulting is an innovative educational services and professional development agency.

    Design & Photography

    Tim Xiaofeng Lin
    Design Goal
    The client asked me to create an presentational brochure / pitch-book with standard company program introduction and curriculum. Since the company is developing in its early stage, this pitch book is designed to be very simple and functional, with strong repetitive grids throughout and a parallel page structure with Chinese content on left page and English translations on the right, making it easy to navigate and update in the future (most contents do not go beyond one page, leaving no concern for content overflow).
    *** Simplified Chinese characters are generally less sophisticated or elegant than traditional Chinese characters in terms of structure, but a custom simplified Chinese font is created in this system to remain a level of simplicity in order to work with the icons. A range of different types of paper (including textured card stock and silver foil) is also tested during the printing process.
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