IPad APP - Blackletter: Type and National Identity

  • This is the book that we began with. It is composed of essays abuot Blackletter written by various authoratives. 
  • The feature of this book is that it annotates the same annotations in different essays.
  • Our analysis of the book's content reveals that the essays compare a lot with Blackletter & Gothic / Fraktur & Grotesk, so we decide to put them into a comparison chart for people to grasp easily.
  • While researching about the book, we found another book that is limited edition, whcih came with an exhibition. It is a font book of Blackletters and we'd like to merge this with the previous book.
  • The main parts within the structure of our APP is the "Typelist," "essays & the comparison chart," and "My Scrapcase"
    "Typoelist" is where user can look for specific font with several filters to navigate. 
    "My Scrapcase" is a customized funtion as a letterpress typecase, where the users store what they want from the essays or the typelist; and therefore, they can use it as a tool to organize and compare their collection.
  • this is the whole video clip that appears on the main page of the APP. 
    Shoot with Panasonic GH2 at SAIC Letterpress Workshop with Jose Resendiz