2003 Blackout ('15)

  • Narrative Infographic: 2003 Blackout
    Our initial concept is a huge map that tells much information just within itself
    and quotes by the technician during the time to reveal the sarcastic situation.
    The big map clearly shows the main distribution line originated from power plants in the Illinois,
    revealing the main reason why blackout didn't affect areas further south.

    In addition,
    the summary of the event,
    an overall map of North America's grid and key parties of the event,
    the diagrams about the technical knowledge,
    and the cascade timeline by the side,
    together help audiences understand the event at different level. 

    This work is in collaboration with Mulan Anjelica Leong-Suzuki.
    Mulan is mainly in charge of the texts and technical diagram's icons. 
    Ying-Ting is mainly in charge of maps and overall layouts.
    We worked from knowing nothing about grid and the Blackout
    till we fully understand and provide what audiences would like to know in this poster. 
  • Audiences who seek to know little about the event, the summary, the quotes, and the big map would be be enough to grasp.
    Audiences who seek to know more may look at the overall North America map, closer examine of the big map and the timeline maps by the side.
    Audiences who want to the know why and how the event happened, may dig into the diagrams talk about technical knowledge, then to the detailed timeline texts along with the timeline maps to get a full understanding of the event. 
    (In comparison with the final project, the big changes are: addition of the descriptions for the normal flow maps, and the flow of the narrative paragraphs in the timeline part changed. The timeline map's arrow changed. The background and the layout changed. All the other nuclear plants in the area are added.)
    (In comparison with the 6th draft, the big change is the flow of text in the timeline part.)
    (In comparison with the 5th draft, the big changes are the redrawn technical icons and edited the information. The flow of the timeline map. )
    (In comparison with the 4th draft, the big changes are the redrawn technical icons and edited the information. Redrawn timeline maps. Got rid of the timeline map. Overall layout. Addition of other types of power plants within the blackout region and city outline shading)
  • 2nd DRAFT
    (In comparison with the 3rd draft, the big changes are the blackout area is now accurate. Redrawn technical icons and edited the information. The flow of the timeline map. The entire timeline part. The background. )
    (In comparison with the 2nd draft, the big changes are everything....)