tasting the stars

  • temporary ethereal sculptures - work in progress 
  • tasting the stars is a series of photographs inspired by the essays of Roland Barthes on photography. Barthes states that "what the photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially"

    this series is an attempt to challenge Barthes by mechanically producing what has never existed before. projecting two-dimensional images created on Illustrator on to constructed surfaces, the series aims to give birth to a series of visual and spacial figurations, which otherwise would never exist. instead of reproducing a mere copy of a past reality, photography functions as a tool to create visual imagery that has its own existence in a particular time and space. without any intention to imprison reality, the series constructs a reality on its own that is both physical, temporal and three-dimensional, only to be deconstructed. the series, therefore, is a process of converting two-dimensional bitmap images into components of three-dimensional temporary sculptures, displaying the birth of a series of moments rather than the death of one.