Virgin Martyrs

  • Digital media. 2015
  • Saint Ursula is said to have have been a Christian princess on a pilgrimage with 11, 000 virgin handmaidens when she was martyred. All 11, 000 maidens were beheaded while the saint herself was shot with arrows.
  • The basilica of St. Ursula in Cologne still holds the relics attributed to the virgin martyrs. There is no supporting evidence as to  whether 11, 000 handmaidens were really martyred, or if the princess Ursula was real. Some even doubt that the bones held at the basilica are even human. But the tableau of beheaded girls inspired many, including Hildegard of Bingen who composed chants in her honour.
  • This piece was shown at FlatsStudio #WeAreFlats show in Chicago, on Aug 21st, 2015.