Chicago Cubs Pitchers Look for Postseason Play

  • The Chicago Cubs starting pitchers say they feel strong and are looking to carry the team into the postseason. Team manager Joe Maddon’s goal for the pitching lineup is to throw 1,000 innings this season; right now, the starters are on track to pitch about 950.
    After a recent win over Milwaukee, starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks said he had “plenty in the tank” and felt like the team was peaking. Hendricks threw more than 100 pitches over more than seven innings. Meanwhile, veteran pitcher and three-time All-Star Dan Haren joined the Cubs in a last-minute trade from the Miami Marlins in late July, and sports analysts agree his experience and finesse will be strong additions to the Cubs’ lineup. Cubs pitcher Jon Lester recently pitched at least seven innings in six consecutive starts, and young starter Jake Arrieta is proving that his outstanding 2014 season was not a one-time occurrence.
    “Being consistent is something I’ve been able to establish, and now it’s how can I go out there and dominate every time,” Arrieta said recently after pitching seven shutout innings to lead the Cubs to a 5-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.