The Tides of Glory

  • This work was for a comissioned cover and interior illustrations of a YA book called "The Tides of Glory". A really interesting project for me because the story is about a young girl growing up on a water-world after humanity has fled Earth and thus requiring me to draw a lot of boats and ships!
  • The main character, Annie, is a young woman of mixed Afro-Caribbean and British ancestry, and getting her look right was an important part of the process. She needed to be young with a bit of a devil-may-care attitude, yet charismatic and friendly. The sea monster behind her is a Foy, one of the alien antagonists of this novel that later got dropped from the design.
  • After several rounds, the author expressed a preference to drop the Foy in favor of a ship from later in the series. The final cover painting was done in gouache on panel and sent to the author after it was finished. In working on this painting, I thought a lot about the now classic covers done by Eric Rohmann and Mary GrandPré, and particularly wanted to capture some of the latter's visible hand in the finished piece.
  • For the interior illustrations, the author wanted ships that would express the nautical theme. Quite a few of these got rejected for not being the right kind of boats!