all the times that I felt lonely while at ACRE

  • all the times that I felt lonely while at ACRE. 2015. Video / installation. 
    Completed during my residency at ACRE, this video serves as the online counterpart to a physical installation on the grounds of ACRE's residency in Steuben, Wisconsin. The permanent installation, a wooden signpost with the web address of this video, rests at the top of a mountain colloquially known as Cell Phone Mountain, as it's the only place to get a cell phone signal at ACRE without going into town. 
    To reach the physical installation: 
    1. Travel to the ACRE residency grounds, beginning at the ACRE lodge. 
    2. Head west down County Road E until you reach a fork in the road - take the right. 
    3. A little past a short bridge, there will be a clearing in the trees that reveals a trail. Walk up this trail to the left, away from the large pasture on the mountain's base. 
    4. Continue walking down the trail until you reach a fork. Once again, take the right. This trail will lead you directly up to the top of the mountain.