Untitled (Embroidered Comforter)

  • Pictured is the installation view at the School of the Art Institute's ArtBash 2015. The piece was chosen by instructor Rafael Vera to represent the Research Studio II class, Visualizing the Invisible.
  • The text:
    the fear overpowers the last of my courage. survivor but I am not living.
    seeking oblivion, but there is no refuge. memories manifest at the edge of denial and truth, possessing a magnetism I can’t outrun.
    a trigger and I’m lost to the riptide, though I never wanted to swim.
    fighting the current just to be weighed down by thoughts as heavy as rocks
    items of comfort become restraints: beneath these words, I feel small
    a temporary relief until my mind is reconnected with my body
    the heart and mind race as one in a contest with no winner.
    I am controlled, confined by my own emotional boundaries
    endlessly, inexplicably irrational—I don’t understand it myself.