• Hanging Chair
    materials: denim (blue wash, black wash), canvas, cardboard, masking tape, grommets, dowels, string
    dimensions (seat only) :
     34in x 26in x 28in
    Spatial Dynamics 2015 professor: Derek Ham
    assignment: create a chair using cardboard as the main structure
  • I began by creating a paper pattern drawing inspiration from sling/butterfly chairs. From there I cut both pattern pieces in black denim, canvas, and blue denim (see above). Using the pattern, I traced out shapes in cardboard that would form to the human figure and create an ergonomic seat. The cardboard pieces were wrapped in masking tape for water resistance, attached to the canvas, and sewn inbetween the canvas and black denim (see below).
  • A layer of black trimming was sewn to the perimeter of the seat and four grommets punctured on each corner. Afterwards, the piece was suspended with string and structured with dowels.
  • To finish the chair off, a foot rest was sewn and strung to to the top of the hanging knot