Fantasy I & II

  • Fantasy is a series of geometric, abstract works that examine color, geometry, and composition.
  • Fantasy I uses Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to create a blissful, excited sensation. The use of bands and polygons reference glitch and pixel art, while the rich gradations of color in waves create a natural landscape. The color scheme is also referential to print methods, although the primaries exist in the on-screen color space of RGB. RG = Y, GB = C, RB = M.
  • Fantasy II engages more directly with a single color and introduces shades of grey and black. Its personality is harsher, more urgent, and it incorporates strong diagonals to instill dynamism and energy in spite of its somber colors.
  • The final images were printed on canvas and mounted for display. I chose the classic, personal material of canvas because I wanted the compositions to exist in a more tangible and permanent form than digital files.