• Dimensions: 12.5" x 6.75" x 3.5" 
    Materials: wooden box, felt drawstring bags, red-cyan 3D glasses (2 pairs), masonite tiles, wooden platonic solids, game instruction card
  • I tackled the assignment of creating a spatial intelligence game by incorporating two concepts of multidimensionality; stereoscopy and platonic solids. Stereoscopy is an idea that focuses on depicting depth within a flat image by using pictures captured from two separate viewpoints (similar to how eyes perceive depth). These images can be overlapped and toned opposite hues (most commonly red and cyan) to create what is known as an anaglyph, viewed with glasses also tinted red and cyan. Platonic solids are a collection of three-dimensional shapes built by tessellating equilateral shapes. The game plays off of a combination of stereoscopic images of platonic solids as well as the corresponding wooden platonic solids. The pictures all show the edges and vertices of the prisms but are depicted stereoscopically (see below). However, these images, superimposed on masonite tiles, are cut into four and mixed in a pile totaling 54 tiles. 
  • The stereoscopic images, some are not platonic nor have corresponding wooden prisms
  • Gameplay
    Both players put on the 3D glasses and dump out the tiles from of the red bag. Next, they evenly spread out the tiles and make sure all are face up. After, one player chooses a wooden platonic solid from the blue bag and places it in between the opponents. The object of the game is to find the set of four tiles that create the 3D projection of the wooden prism. There are two sets of tiles for each prism so both players can simultaneously search for their piece. The first player to find the correct four tiles that make the 3D image wins the round. The game continues with players choosing prisms from the blue bag until there are no blocks left. 
  • For alternative modes of play, the set of tiles can be used to create new shapes and experiment with 3D imagery via the red and cyan glasses.
  • Similar visuals of wearing the 3D glasses