February 13th, 2015

  • The difference between this installation and the last WIP is that I intentionally made a component that hangs off a nail. I will upload another image of documenting that specific part. As you scroll through the images there are two different versions using the same hanging component. The first two images are me just experimenting to see if it will hang. The rest of the images are of a composition that I pushed the limits of the sculptures stability. 
  • Components are 3d printed piece used in the composition of these Emergent Structure installations. Multiple 3d printed pieces can be permanently fused together to create a singular component. I use the components as compositional features that are used to create an installation. Each component holds the key to unique compositions so as I utilize new and old components the final product changes. 
  • Seven components are used in the following two images.
  • If I counted correctly there are twevle components used in this composition.